The Future of Leadership: Why Redesign?

Presented by the Briyah Institute

2020 has given us the gift of rethinking our priorities. So many challenges have emerged or have at least become more visible in all levels, from the individual to the planetary. Are organizations set for success in these new era? The Briyah Institute believes it is time for re-design. Join a thought provoking conversation between Briyah Institute’s Founder Adriana Machado and author of the book “Design Your Life” and former president & CEO for IKEA North America Pernille Spiers-Lopez.

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Adriana Machado
Founder at Briyah Institute
Adriana Machado is one of Latin America’s most celebrated women business leaders and an outspoken advocate of the impact economy. She is a former CEO of GE Brazil and founder of Briyah Institute, a Benefit Corporation that bridges innovation, practice & purpose. She serves on several boards, as a strategic partner at WOMB Group, and as the Executive Director for the Brain Health Project (BHP), an initiative aimed at preventing Alzheimer’s Disease by promoting brain health and slowing cognitive decline. Her cross-cultural and cross-sector skills –from big business, government and nonprofit– grants her a unique perspective towards entrepreneurship, resilience and leadership.
Pernille Spiers-Lopez
Author of the book “Design Your Life” and former president & CEO for IKEA North America
Pernille Spiers-Lopez is a Global Director and serves on both corporate and non-profit boards. She is also the co-founder with her daughter of Good Life Designed. She serves currently on the boards of Meijer Corporation, ECCO, Save The Children International London and US and Homeboy Industries. Pernille was with IKEA for 21 years. Among several top executive positions, Pernille held the position as CEO & President for IKEA North America and was a member of The Executive Management Team of the IKEA Group for 10 years. She has dedicated most of her career to the advancement of women in leadership both inside and outside IKEA. Pernille published her first book in Denmark in 2012 about personal leadership and taking responsibility for our own life and success “ If Your Life Was a Kitchen”. The English version “ Design Your Life” was published in the US by Beyond Words in 2014 and this past fall in China.