Mindfulness Webinars

from Wisdom Labs

Meditation and learning sessions with some of the biggest names in mindfulness. These 45-minute sessions are designed to give you a boost near the end of your week and keep you and your coworkers engaged.


  • Building Resilience and Belonging in a Time of Instability
    Scott Shute, LinkedIn’s Head of Mindfulness and Compassion as he leads a brief practice on gratitude and converses with Wisdom Labs CEO Cory Smith on how to build a mindful community at work, why competition creates change, and LinkedIn’s previous Mindfulness Challenge. Scott and Cory will be joined by LinkedIn Wise@Work Community Leaders Marian Nazar and Jen Jortner Cassidy.
  • Change and Loss in the Workplace
    Join Lori Schwanbeck for a practice in processing grief and moving forward effectively. Change and loss are inevitable and can throw our personal, and professional, world into upheaval. Mindfulness practice creates a rudder that can guide us through these conditions with acceptance, courage and compassion. Bringing these qualities into our workplaces, we humanize the world of work, meeting ourselves and our colleagues with skill and care during times of vulnerability and suffering
  • Emotional Resilience
    Famed mindfulness teacher Tara Brach will speak on emotional resilience, lead a practice using the RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) method, and discusses how to avoid being hijacked by stressful stimuli. Tara will be joined by host Cory Smith, CEO of Wisdom Labs.
  • Creating a Mindful Workplace
    Wisdom Labs Chief Science Officer Parneet Pal dives into the science of behavior change to create lasting habits. She discusses practical steps that organizational leaders and individual contributors can take to build mindful and compassionate workplace cultures that focus on employee wellbeing. Parneet will also be joined by a panel of Wise@Work Community Leaders (Liz Clark Thasiah, Hilton Foundation; MK McCool, LinkedIn; and Dalya Guris, Merck) who are championing this kind of change in their companies and who will share their perspective on the challenges and successes of their work.
  • Cultivating Belonging in the Workplace
    Uncertainty and instability often give rise to conflict and a feeling of separation. In this webinar, renowned mindfulness teacher Jack Kornfield will show us how we can bring forgiveness and compassion to our work relationships and navigate difficult situations skillfully.

  • Scott Shute
  • Lori Schwanbeck
  • Tara Brach
  • Parneet Pal
  • Jack Kornfield