Mindful Leadership in the Modern World

Presented by Clif Smith and GigNow

As the world around us grows more complex every day, it’s increasingly difficult to pay attention to what truly matters — at work and in our personal lives. If you aspire to be a transformative leader, cultivating mindfulness is an important step on that journey. In addition to helping leaders better navigate complex situations, mindfulness…

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Clif Smith is a U.S. Army veteran, former diplomat and intelligence officer. At Ernst & Young LLP, he serves as the firm’s foremost advisor on mindfulness and is an internationally recognized leader for bringing mindfulness into the corporate world. Clif brings over 25 years of leading through high-pressure situations into his teachings and demonstrates the value of adopting mindfulness as a fundamental part of our personal and professional lives. Following his passion for developing others, he built the EY Mindful Leadership program, delivering practical training to over 50,000 EY/client personnel with measurable impact on leadership, performance and well-being.