Global Mindfulness Summit

A Free Online Intensive for Those Dedicated To Inner And Outer Transformation

In these uncertain times, Wisdom 2.0 is thrilled to bring together the Global Mindfulness Summit comprised of people from numerous fields to offer insights and perspectives on the power and benefits of mindfulness. Join 1440 faculty member and mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn, along with California Surgeon Genera Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, legendary basketball coach Phil…

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2020 Speakers:

  • Jon Kabat-ZinnMindfulness Teacher
  • Anderson Cooper – Author, Journalist
  • Jewel – Singer/Songwriter
  • Nadine Burke Harris – CA Surgeon General
  • Phil Jackson – World Championship Coach
  • Rhonda Magee – Author, Law Professor
  • Diego Perez – Writer, Yung Pueblo
  • Jack Kornfield – Author, Wisdom Teacher
  • Julianne Hough – Dancer, Actress, Founder Kinrgy
  • David Simas – CEO, Obama Foundation
  • Trudy Goodman – Founder, Insight LA
  • George Mumford – Author, The Mindful Athlete
  • Sharon Salzberg – Mindfulness Teacher
  • Spring Washam – Author, Mindfulness Teacher
  • Mingtong Gu – Qi Gong Master