Behind every chef is a bowl full of kitchen tips and tricks that have been collected along the journey. Join 1440 Executive Chef Kenny Woods and his team as he adds to your collection and helps your culinary experience be a little more efficient and a lot more fun, whether you are looking for proper form when holding your tools or to bring out the flavor of your dish in a nutritious and healthy way.

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About Chef Kenny

Kenny Woods got his start in the kitchen as a young boy, standing on a chair helping his Italian grandmother stir soups for the family. As a teen, he taught himself to cook from watching cooking shows, finding recipes, and taste testing along the way. By 13, he loved cooking and knew he wanted to be a chef. From dishwasher, to prep cook, to sous chef by the age of 19, Kenny has been developing his craft throughout his life.

He was executive chef at North in Arcadia, Arizona, where he started hosting community dinners consisting of several creative courses using local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. From there, he became executive chef at Flower Child in Scottsdale, Arizona, developing his leadership style to bring out the best in others. Kenny's philosophy is to believe in the ingredients and showcase them with integrity, while loving the process, so food sustains its living energy and the care of those who prepare it. KennyFixed supports local communities and farmers and creates meals with the hope of inspiring guests to cook simply prepared, delicious meals at home.

Home Cooking Tips

  • Highlight local ingredients from Farmers Markets. Staying local supports your neighboring farms and gives you access to what’s freshest that season. Choose apples, pears, citrus, potatoes, and greens as part of your holiday meals.
  • For cooking a turkey, choose a brine recipe. Brining the bird keeps the meat juicy, tender, and seasoned. You usually only need to brine the turkey overnight—and wow what a difference it makes.
  • Try to cut back on dairy, and use olive oil instead of butter. Mashed potatoes made with olive oil, garlic, and rosemary feel like comfort food without the side effect of weighing you down with large amounts of dairy.
  • Pre-plan your meals. Plan your menu two weeks in advance. You’ll hit the stores sooner to avoid the crowds, and as the holiday gets closer you’ll have more time and energy to connect with friends and family.
  • Don’t drop yourself off the priority list. Start your day with an immunity juice shot to boost your natural defenses against the stress, hustle, and wild holiday times.