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Scott Kriens

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iPhone image with Wise @ Work screenListen to Scott Kriens, co-creator of 1440 Multiversity, in this Wise@Work series based on the True North Leadership program offered at 1440 Multiversity.

Entitled True North Leadership in the app, this path helps you discover your authentic leadership purpose. By exploring your life, inner gifts, and where you fit in this world you will be able to use your leadership to make this world a better and richer place for everyone.

As a member of the 1440 community, you can listen to Scott’s series and more, for free, for 90 days.

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We thank Wisdom Labs for offering free, premium access to their app for our community members. Plus, below, find three, free webinars.

Wisdom Labs provides science-based learning and practices to help improve mental, emotional, and social wellbeing at work. Their mission is to create wiser workplaces for a better world. Real, lasting, positive change in our world will happen most rapidly at work starting with individual employees and teams and then ripple out into the world through the products, services and policies.

Free Webinars from Wise @ Work

How To Reduce Workplace Loneliness and Isolation

Loneliness is trending upward, and as opportunities for social connection decrease, negative health effects are amplified. What can we do personally, professionally, and at an organizational level to combat loneliness? Join us for a webinar and discussion with Wisdom Labs Chief Science Officer Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS and special guest Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH, Founder of the Foundation for Art & Healing and the Unlonely Project.

Working with Uncertainty

The only thing that seems certain these days is that we are all feeling a foreboding sense of uncertainty. Uncertainty about how the Coronavirus will continue to spread in our community; uncertainty about what to do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe; uncertainty about the long term impact on our physical, financial, emotional and mental wellbeing.

In this next session we explored:

  • Learning about how uncertainty impacts our brain, thoughts and behaviors
  • Practicing using mindfulness to cut through the confusion and mental clutter to gain a sense of calm and clarity
  • Discussing how to apply this skill to the uncertainty we are experiencing due to rapidly changing events.

Using Fear and Anger Constructively

The Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing our society and economy in unpredictable ways. Rapid-fire news cycles inundate us with images and stories of suffering from all around the globe 24 hours a day. As we ‘work from home’ and ‘shelter in place’ many of us find ourselves flooded by difficult emotions including fear and anger. We may experience fear about our physical, financial, emotional and mental health and feel angry that more wasn’t done sooner by ‘those in charge’ to provide accurate information and guidance to keep us safe.

In this session we explored:

  • Learning about the relationship between fear and anger and the important role they play in helping us stay safe
  • Practicing differentiating between fear and anger and learning how to view them as messengers
  • Discussing practical strategies for using fear and anger constructively

The Wise@Work app is powered by Wisdom Labs, an organization that believes a better world starts with wiser workplaces.