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Exercising Judgment in the Heat of the Moment

1440 Leadership Series

Krishna Pendyala

Type: Workshop

Leaders need to exercise wise and sound judgment during difficult circumstances – this can be made exponentially harder when underestimating the influence of hidden forces that can impact our choices.

Join 1440 Multiversity faculty member and human judgment expert Krishna Pendyala as he shares the importance of being strategic and not reacting hastily to crisis without considering the broader landscape and long-term consequences of our actions. During this 75-minute complimentary webinar, Krishna will share:

  • how to stay hyper-focused without letting things fall through the cracks
  • avoid analysis paralysis and take action
  • integrate perspectives to avoid blind spots
  • be less impulsive and more conscious.

He will also share his Crisis Response Regimen that you can apply to any challenging situation. You will understand how many natural tendencies of humans are at odds with the behavior of the systems that govern our lives, while learning tips and tools to help you better manage your thoughts, time, team, and expectations during this period of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

Exercising Judgment in the Heat of the Moment Schedule:
Please note that this is a 75-minute program.
• May 21: 12:00-1:15 PM PST

Krishna Pendyala is an expert on the art and science of human judgment and choice-making. His pioneering work on Judgment Quotient (also known as JQ) is recognized as the third intelligence beyond IQ and EQ. Krishna is an author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and an adviser to entrepreneurs, executives and emerging leaders—people he refers to as “driven and restless” achievers; professionals who are eager to grow, to improve, and create change in their organizations, their clients and their personal lives.

Krishna is the founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of the ChoiceLadder Institute, and co-founder and President of the Mindful Nation Foundation. As a choice engineer and philanthropist, he has more than 25 years of experience in integrating Systems Thinking, Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Behavioral Economics to improve real-time decision-making skills. Krishna’s transformational approach to personal and professional development has been featured on TEDx, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Thrive Global, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Inc., among others. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, Beyond the PIG and APE: Realizing Success and true Happiness.

Krishna received his B.S. in civil engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, his M.S. in education foundations and media technology from Indiana State University, and attended executive management programs at both Carnegie Mellon and Harvard universities.