What We Are Learning During COVID-19


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Living in the present moment has taken on new meaning during this time of uncertainty and chaos – a connection has been redefined and lessons have been many.

Join 1440 Multiversity as it hosts an engaging conversation with New York Times bestselling author Dani Shapiro and renowned Buddhist teacher Sylvia Boorstein, where you will learn that although this experience has been universally hard and unsettling, within it there have been unexpected insights and gifts.

In this complimentary one-hour conversation, Dani and Sylvia will discuss some of the questions that have been on our minds:

  • What are we longing for?
  • How has our lens shifted?
  • What are we discovering about our own capacities for resilience?

And through their insights and advice, you will learn more about your own resilience, especially during a crisis.

What We Are Learning During COVID-19 Schedule:
June 10: 4:00-5:00 PM PT


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