Rewiring for Joy


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In this time of disruption and uncertainty, we need joy more than ever. Join 1440 Multiversity faculty members, former Buddhist nuns, and world-renowned meditation teachers Amma Thanasanti and Deborah Eden Tull for an experiential journey remembering and re-wiring yourself for many different kinds of joy including the deepest joy available.

There is joy in noticing simple pleasures and focusing on beauty, care, kindness and sharing in the goodness of others; joy in appreciating and developing our connections; joy that comes when our anxiety reduces enough to sleep soundly; and finding the joy of a balanced mind, courage and fierce compassion during challenges. As we access joy that is not from external circumstances but from within, we find a joy that is sustaining and unshakable.

The joy that Eden and Amma and Eden both embody joy that they characterize by whole life happiness. This joy allows room for both elation and heartbreak, and for the extroverted and introverted aspect of the self. It also allows room for experiences of good health and physical challenge. In other words—true joy embraces every part of our experience, leaving nothing out. Through this joy, we find wholeness and aliveness.

Rewiring for Joy: Cultivating Happiness in Every Moment Schedule:

May 23 and 24: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST AND 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST


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