Finding Peace Amidst the Pandemic


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The COVID-19 pandemic is stressing many people to the limit, with fear that a loved one may become sick or die, concerns over finances, coping by binge eating, and more. Join 1440 Multiversity faculty member and international bestselling author Dr. Jamie Turndorf – known to millions as Dr. Love – as she helps you address these symptoms of a “Global PTSD Pandemic” using her science-based Energetic System Upgrade method so that you can move through these stresses and onto a much brighter future.

In this four-hour workshop, Dr. Turndorf will walk you through the Energetic System Upgrade, detailing its key steps: stress depletes the body’s magnesium stores, low magnesium triggers a chemical imbalance that causes PTSD, restoring magnesium levels reverses PTSD, oral magnesium is not well-absorbed, and magnesium delivered via the skin instantly enters the bloodstream and immediately begins reversing stress and anxiety. In this relaxed but electrically and energetically plugged-in state, Dr. Turndorf will then laser to the source of the energetic blockage, be it emotional, physical or spiritual, and release it. This opens the door of your heart and soul to boundless love and connection to those on Earth and spirit planes, as well as an overflowing well of peace, joy, vibrancy and prosperity in every area of life.

Please note: It is recommended that you apply magnesium cream before this workshop. Because magnesium is needed in over 1,000 bodily functions, including all the electromagnetic functions of our body’s cells, organs, heart, and brain, Dr. Turndorf begins her Energetic System Upgrade by applying magnesium cream on the skin. The cream provides an immediate sense of calm as it begins the reversal of the chemical imbalance that is PTSD.

Finding Peace Amidst the Pandemic Schedule:
May 9th: 9AM – 1PM PST


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