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The Neuroscience of De-escalation: What Organizations Can Learn From First Responders

Join the NueroLeadership Institute with very special guest: Joe Smarro, one of the two police officers featured in the Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, “Ernie & Joe, Crisis Cops.” They’ve had the privilege of working with Joe to incorporate neuroscience into police de-escalation training programs in partnership with MILO Range.

Joe will be joined by Dr. David Rock, co-founder and CEO at NLI and Davie Floyd, Facilitator at NLI, where they will unpack the science and application of these progressive, brain-based techniques.

Register now to learn why this work is meaningful not just for law enforcement, but for organizations too. We’ll also be making an important announcement so be sure to tune in!


Joe Smarro
Police Officer, Instructor, Keynote Speaker

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Dr. David Rock
CEO & Co-founder

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Davie Floyd
Facilitator, NLI

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Dr. Kamila Sip
Senior Director, Neuroscience Research, NLI

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