What Still Matters: Wisdom, Love and Conversation in the Age of COVID-19

Finding wisdom is never easy – and could be even more difficult in the COVID-19 age.

But maybe it’s not. Maybe we just need to learn to look for it in different ways.

Maybe wisdom isn’t delivered after all … but earned.

The insightful Krista Tippett articulates this beautifully in Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living when she writes: “You have your own stories, the dramatic and more ordinary moments where what has gone wrong becomes an opening to more of yourself and part of your gift to the world. This is the beginning of wisdom.”

Maybe we are lucky to be living now at this opening, this new arrival, this new beginning of wisdom. Every ending has a beginning in it, and the post COVID-19 world is sure to bring us many endings and many beginnings.

And maybe we are fortunate to be living in the Information Age, when we have broader access to the wisdom of this world and the wisdom of the ages than at any other time in history.

Even as we sit in social isolation around the globe, we have these machines on our laps and in our pockets that allow us to be connected in ways unimaginable before this period.

So many ways to connect – so many ways to have conversations that matter – are available to us now. Think of the options you have to dive into this marvelous mélange of diverse thought and opportunity that exists in our world around us – and all these important considerations that could help us, help our children, and help each other.

Thus, in this time of turmoil, when we are tempted to shut down socially and protect our individual, tiny portions of the world, perhaps the truly wise answer is to open up virtually, to start honest and deep communication, to resist the urge to retreat into our camps and instead encourage the continuing of conversation in new ways, especially through these difficult parts.

Perhaps this is when conversation truly matters.

Because whatever we know about wisdom, we know that none of us have enough and we would do best to find and generate more of it. Acquiring wisdom will probably never be easy, but perhaps it also does not have to be as hard as we make it.

And perhaps we should all start today because the well-being of this age depends upon all of us.

So, join this new adventure called 1440.tv where learners and deep thinkers are bringing wisdom to you in a new way. Explore the offerings and tell us what you think.

Because wisdom still matters, thinking still matters and love still matters.

We look forward to continuing these conversations that matter with more screen time until we can return to more tree time here in the redwoods and we can meet under that same beautiful azure sky.


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