The Art of Difficult Conversations

Hosted by End in Mind Project

Talking about loss, grief and death and dying can leave even the most talkative speechless. Join the End in Mind Project for a deep dive into using the arts to open meaningful conversation.

Art is an instrument for meaning-making, sense-making and creating deeper levels of conversation about what matters. While diving head-long into a conversation about our impending deaths can seem shocking and emotionally difficult to the average person, listening to a poem or song or exploring the feelings stirred up by an arresting painting makes the task much more approachable.

Featuring certified end-of-life doula Christy Moe-Marek, arts educator Michael Nelson and broadcast journalist Cathy Wurzer, you will learn the unique End of Mind approach to engaging in tough conversations using the arts, while getting a little practice in how to use these tools in your own life.

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End in Mind was inspired by work done by broadcast journalist Cathy Wurzer, who explored what it’s like to live with Death always nearby, when she and a man suffering from ALS conducted an unvarnished series of interviews over several years. It captivated listeners and Wurzer found the experience life changing. End in Mind encourages people to get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations about death and dying, loss and grief. Using the arts as an entry point, End in Mind invites individuals, caregivers, families and communities to name and explore fears around loss, grief, death and dying and by encouraging a deeper exploration, there are discoveries to be made about how to live with intention, purpose and meaning at any stage of life. We do our work through live, produced public programs with music, storytelling, performance and through digital tools, blogs and podcasts.