Skills for Resilience Through Meditation & Mindful Movement

Care for Caregivers is a Contemplative-Based Resilience (CBR) program of the Garrison Institute dedicated to the cultivation of greater awareness, balance, and connection for caregivers or direct service providers through meditation and mindful movement. Join 1440 Multiversity Faculty member Sharon Salzberg and Gayla Marie Styles who have each practiced and studied for many years in individual disciplines, using tools of mindfulness and presence, kindness and compassion, in order to enhance wellbeing.

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Sharon Salzberg – is a 1440 Multiversity faculty and a central figure in the field of meditation, a world-renowned teacher and NY Times bestselling author.

Gayla Marie Styles, MS – is an Acupuncturist and has over 10 years international experience with the Garrison Institute bringing Taoist Yoga, Qigong and mindful movement to survivors of trauma.