6 Well-Being Practices to Start Today

A Conversation on Nourishing the Self

Now more than ever we need to step up our personal self-care practices to help reduce anxiety and boost our immune systems. Join 1440 Multiversity as it hosts a special group conversation with master coach and meditation teacher Scott Schwenk; family therapist Alane Freund, MS, MA; and yoga and meditation teacher Sara Avant Stover for insightful perspectives and practical suggestions on how to tend to yourselves in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In this complimentary 90-minute conversation you will learn which daily routines and actionable insights will generate the biggest impact for your wellbeing. In addition to helpful tips including must-haves in your daily routine, techniques for getting your mind off the worry hamster wheel, advice for sensitive people to use on Zoom, and “oldie-but-goodie” self-care practices adapted for these times, each expert will share their two favorite self-care practices for you to use in your personal routine.

6 Well-Being Practices to Start Today Schedule:
May 27: 5-6:30 PM PT (Find the viewable recording below)

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Alane Freund, MS, MA, is an International Consultant on High Sensitivity (ICHS) and family therapist who helps highly sensitive people and their families focus on solutions through therapy, consultation, and teaching. She has developed programs for highly sensitive people, children, teens, and clinicians who serve them.
Scott Schwenk is a master coach and meditation teacher with extensive experience in leadership development, Tantric meditation and philosophy, spiritual awakening, Vedic ritual, and later-stage adult ego development. Scott coaches clients worldwide and teaches weekly meditation classes for Unplug Meditation and Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles, as well as at Wanderlust Festivals.
Sara Avant Stover is a best-selling author and teacher of women’s yoga, meditation, and spirituality. After a decade-long spiritual odyssey throughout Asia she has gone on to uplift tens of thousands of women worldwide.