Wisdom Labs March Challenge: A Path to Ongoing Resilience in the Workplace

A Free Resilience Challenge for March

Research shows that when individuals and teams practice mindfulness as a daily habit, it not only reduces stress, but increases creativity, emotional intelligence, and connection across teams. The Resilience Challenge, presented by Wisdom Labs and WELCOA, is a free month-long event using the Wise@Work App that offers just the right dose of science-based daily practice,…

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Wisdom Labs is building wiser workplaces for a better world with digital solutions designed to promote positive behavior change in the workplace. Wisdom Labs’ Wise@Work solutions help organizations improve performance, increase engagement, and build stress resilience—leading to reduced healthcare and turnover expense.

WELCOA (the Wellness Council of America) is one of the nation’s most-respected resources for building high-performing, healthy workplaces. With a 30-year history and more than 4,000 corporate members, WELCOA has an impeccable reputation for helping business and health professionals improve employee well-being and create healthier organizational cultures.

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