Fostering Innovation in the New Normal

Leading in a Changed World

We are living in a stressful time. This session will examine the effects stress has on innovation and what leaders can do to manage it. Inspire employees to embrace change and enable innovation during times of high personal stress

How to meet the Leadership Challenge discussion topics:

• Awareness of Challenges

• Importance of Innovation

• Importance of removing barriers and helping associates embrace the “new normal”

• Resources available to aid leadership in support of their plan for innovation

Frank Ciccia, CEO of Iluminare and Executive Coach; Brian Boyer, Executive Coach

Frank teaches courses in Organizational Behavior, Leadership & Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence. He holds certification and/or Qualification in a number of assessments including: Wiley Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors Authorized Partner, Hogan Assessments, Korn Ferry Emotional & Social Competency Inventory,  Workplace Big 5, the Cerny-Smith Assessment (CSA) and the Change Style Indicator