Scott Kriens, co-creator of 1440 Multiversity

Scott Kriens, chairman and former CEO of Juniper Networks, has been in the technology industry for more than 35 years. In 1996, he cofounded Juniper Networks, growing the company to $4 billion in global sales and more than 10,000 employees in 100+ countries. In 2010, Scott and his wife Joanie launched 1440 Foundation, a grant-making…

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Scott Kriens is Chairman of Juniper Networks and, along with his wife, Joanie, co-founder of 1440 Multiversity, a new, immersive learning destination they are creating in the redwoods near Santa Cruz, California.

Scott Kriens on the Finding Mastery Podcast

True wealth podcast featuring Scott KriensShow notes for the True WELLth Podcast featuring Scott Kriens

“What really matters in life?” That fundamental question was what inspired the chairman of a major multinational corporation to launch 1440 Multiversity, an innovative hub for immersion learning. In this episode, Scott Kriens shares candid, heartfelt thoughts on the importance of facing our fears head-on and how “generative energy” can help us all make powerful course corrections to bring us closer to living from a place of true WELLth.


In the episode below of the donothing podcast, Scott and Rob Dube chat about how he found business success, his inspiration for later creating the 1440 Foundation and 1440 Multiversity, why it’s critical to create a life beyond possessing more and suffering less, what surprising things parenting and leadership have in common, and so much more.

Listen to Shawn Flynn and Scott discuss What it was like to go through the bubble and how Silicon Valley Changed over the years, from 1986 to when Scott left Juniper Networks in 2008.