Mindset: Harness Your Personal Power featuring Scott Kriens

Learning From Life’s Struggles

Courses begin on July 1; visit the Neurosculpting Institute to register for this impactful session.
NOTE: Enrollment closes June 30, 2020, at 11:59 PST.

The ability to harness change and power in your life is already within you, and now is the time to activate it. Join 1440 Multiversity faculty member Lisa Wimberger and 1440 co-creator Scott Kriens in a special master series hosted by the NeuroSculpting Institute that features some of the world’s most innovative minds and successful entrepreneurs. “Mindset: Harness Your Personal Power” is a five-month Masters Series that features one-on-one interviews between Lisa – the founder of the NeuroSculpting Institute – and these leaders of industry, in which you will learn how they gained the tools to overcome life’s greatest challenges and flourish. In digging deep to get to the heart of the matter, you will learn that there is no limit to your success, other than the limits you place on yourself. In her discussion with Scott, slated for October’s monthly lesson, you will explore Learning from Life’s Struggles, and how to cultivate an energy that keeps you present and aligned with your vision.

Through exclusive tools including interviews, worksheets, guided meditations, and more, this class answers the call for anyone searching for a legacy in life that is more than just superficial, clarity on what you’d like to experience in your life for true fulfillment, a mindset that is aligned with solutions for success rather than fear-based thoughts, deep connections to self and/or others beyond superficial validation, increased brain health with tools that address the source of any emotional imbalances you feel, and a mindset geared toward releasing fear, anxiety, and social expectations.

Neurosculpting is a 5-step meditation process that can strategically help an individual release the grip of old patterns and entrain their brain to create new and more supportive patterns, habits, and behaviors. Mindset: Harness Your Personal Power will help you activate your fullest potential, and this monthly series will help you transform any challenges in your life into positive lessons and channels for success. Your professional, personal, and mental health will be stronger than ever.

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