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Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach Resource Kit

Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach Resource Kit

Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach: A Steady Heart in Time of Coronavirus (VIDEOS) During this time of coronavirus, a time of collective fears and difficulty, it is crucial to find ways to steady the heart, to connect compassionately with ourselves and with each other. A Steady Heart will allow us to meet whatever arises with…

Panache Desai Headshot

Panache Desai: Call to Calm Meditation

Benefit from a daily morning meditation with 1440 faculty member, thought leader, wisdom teacher and author Panache Desai.  In each 21-minute meditation, Panache will provide you with the guidance and vibrational support that you need to move beyond survival and the stress, fear, and anxiety you are experiencing right now, toward a place of less…

Jeff Warren Headshot

Jeff Warren: The Do Nothing Project Live Meditation

Join 1440 faculty member, celebrated meditation teacher and author Jeff Warren as he hosts a free live meditation and hangout.  Be in community with people from around the world while enjoying an easy mindfulness practice followed by a Q&A with Jeff.  The Do Nothing Project Live Meditations will air each Sun and Wed at 8…

Creating the New Normal

COVID-19 Pandemic Will Change Our Work and Lives Forever

By Bill George Each day we are learning ways to adapt to the new “Working from Home” reality as we self-isolate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As people speculate on how long this shutdown will last and when will we return to our normal lives at work, the reality is that this may never…

Mindfulness Lotus

Why Mindfulness?

Mindful | Mind Full | Mind•ful  If ever there was a time that our minds are full across the globe, this is it, right?  But “mind full” is not really what we mean by being mindful. What exactly do we mean? Let’s go back to the definition of mindfulness. Mindfulness (n): the quality or state of being…

Joy is Still Possible

Joy Is Still Possible

Joy is still available.  It’s still here. Joy isn’t off the shelves or out of stock like paper towels or disinfectant spray or toilet paper.  But then we never could buy joy, could we? It wasn’t ever for sale, although some of us tried our hardest to buy what we thought passed for joy.  We’re…

Exercising Judgment

Exercising Judgment in the Heat of the Moment: How to Be a Strategic Firefighter?

By Krishna Pendyala When your house is on fire, what actions can you take?  AND, what do you need to do to avoid kindling new fires in the process? “Most panic-driven decisions rarely achieve their ultimate goals!” We are all dealing with some very difficult circumstances. It is during this time, we as leaders need…

Mother Tree

What’s a Mother Tree?

“A tree can be only as strong as the forest that surrounds it.” ― Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate  The Mother Tree If you’ve ever been to the 1440 campus, then you truly understand the amazing communal love for the majestic redwoods that cover our campus. In addition to their physical presence that awes…

What Should I Do With My Life

What’s Next for You?

What should I do with my life?  Wow. That’s a big question – and it’s one that so many people are grappling with right now simultaneously in the world. The energy produced by this moment of pause can feel both exciting and a bit disconcerting. As Krista Tippett said recently, “Something has literally happened to all of us almost at once.”   Big…

Manage Your Energy During Covid-19

Simple Ways to Manage Your Energy During COVID-19

“When we notice what’s happening in our body, then, we can meet our needs.” – Melanie Roche Staying grounded is hard. And during crisis, it’s even harder. So how do we do this? We figure out how to manage our energy. Think about it: you probably have available to you roughly the same amount of energy you had before this pandemic started ……

Bill George

Leading in the COVID-19 Crisis with Bill George

“This is the time when real leaders step up.” Watch leadership expert and 1440 Multiversity faculty member Bill George discuss the importance of leadership during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Laptop and Dog

What Still Matters: Wisdom, Love and Conversation in the Age of COVID-19

Finding wisdom is never easy – and could be even more difficult in the COVID-19 age. But maybe it’s not. Maybe we just need to learn to look for it in different ways. Maybe wisdom isn’t delivered after all … but earned. The insightful Krista Tippett articulates this beautifully in Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into…

Bill George

Leading in Crisis

By Bill George The current economic crisis is providing significant challenges for leaders throughout the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. Their ability to lead in a crisis will be sorely tested and will often determine whether their institutions fail or survive the crisis. The best leaders are those who are wise enough to use crises…